My work


Midwest Inspired

As a proud small business owner establishing my own company in spring 2018 was rewarding. Although it has taken a backseat as I pursue my professional career, the experiences I learned will stay with me.


President's Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs - NDSU

While obtaining my degree, my team was tasked with creating a campaign to combat risky alcohol consumption behaviors on campus.


West Fargo Parks Social Media Graphics

While serving as the Events & Communications Assistant, I designed social graphics for upcoming events, holidays and general announcements that can be found on Facebook and at wfparks.org. In addition, I designed their Internship Application.


Grant Writing

During my fourth year at NDSU I enrolled in a Grant Writing and Research Proposals class in which we collaborated with graduate students from Serbia to create a mock grant proposal on inclusive education in Europe.


Division of Workforce Affairs - NDSCS

During my fourth year at NDSU I was the intern for the Division of Workforce Affairs through the SkillsND program assisting New Americans and refugees in finding full time employment. I also ran their social media and marketing campaigns while assisting with education when needed.


The Spectrum

During my time at NDSU, I served as both the Advertising Executive and Advertising Manager for the student run newspaper, the Spectrum. During this time I worked with local and national companies while also bringing in revenue for the newspaper.


Alpha Gam's Leadership Consultant Instagram

During my travels for Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity, I have been responsible for upholding brand standards via Instagram to effectively communicate with various stakeholders.