My skills

From balloon artist to sorority woman to communications specialist. 

real workplace examples

Handling multiple tasks under deadlines

While working with the University of California, Los Angeles and Florida State University I assisted in managing large budgets to plan seven days of events for 2,000+ women. In doing so I actively coordinated collegiate chapter members, communicated with different staff departments, planned events and completed extensive daily reports. In addition I also communicated through difficult situations to resolve disputes. The result was meeting campus quota expectations and adhering to all deadlines. 

real workplace examples

Empathy through interpersonal communications

I facilitated a difficult conversation regarding confidence and setting clear expectations. I was also tasked with ensuring collegiate women understood best practices regarding positive communication and body language in a way that was both uplifting and effective. In doing so, I created a presentation on how to effectively communicate with opportunity for feedback and practice. Resulting in positive interpersonal relations throughout a large group to achieve a common goal.  

real workplace examples


I planned a women’s leadership conference with a remote manager. My task was to coordinate a conference for a local agency regarding effective communication and work place presence. I ensured attention to detail while working with different generations and stakeholders. Resulting in creating credible training facilitations and activities according to company brand. 

real workplace examples

Ambition & adaptability

During my senior year at NDSU I saw a need within the community for  affordable marketing for small businesses. I then created a company to bring together millennials inherent knowledge of social media to assist small businesses with marketing on a budget. In doing so I created Midwest Inspired. This allowed for creation of marketing plans, logos and graphics for five different businesses with additional consultation training.

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”